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Speakers' presentations in the UNIAPAC World Congress 🌍

Dear members of UNIAPAC,

We are pleased to share with you all the presentations that were given during the different discussions of the UNIAPAC World Congress, which has been held in Rome from 20 to 22 October 2022.

Workshops: re-thinking the future of UNIAPAC (Friday 21 October)

ICAM study, by Laurent Falque Future vision workshop, by JoĂŁo Pedro Tavares UNIVERSUM (networking platform), by JĂłzsef TĂłth

Panel #1: Sustainable economic growth, employment and decent work (Saturday 22 October)

Dignified income, by Arturo Zapata

Testimonies: the Courage to Change (Saturday 22 October)

Inclusive Participative Company Model, by Juan Manuel Sinde Testimony of Gloria Ayala Person Live a Christian life in the workplace, by Peter Freissle

We hope this material is useful to you and look forward to receiving your feedback. Kindest regards, Rodrigo Whitelaw UNIAPAC Secretary General

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